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Robynn Morro Alternative Health Specialists

"Natural Therapies treats the whole person,       
Not just the symptoms"

Robynn Morro's Fee Schedule

"Natural Therapies treats the whole person,
Not just the symptoms"




Visceral Therapy


Diet & Nurtition

Allergy Testing

First Consultation
1 Hour Consultation
3/4 Hour Consultation (Long Consult)
1/2 Hour Consultation (Short Consult).
Consultation for B12 Injection only..
Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal and Homoeopathy Formulas will vary from patient to patient requirements.
$ 80.00
$ 45.00

Specialised Services

Hair Analysis
Biomesotherapy Injections or B12 Injections
(During consultation)
Blood Group Test
Urine Test
Mineral and Alkaline Test
$ 25.00

$ 15.00
$ 15.00
$ 25.00

Weight Management Program

Back to Basics Healthy Living Program
Includes 6 one on one consultations and formula to assist fat burning
Vitamin Formula Sachets 1 week supply
HCG 21 Day Weight Loss Program



1 Hour Consultation using candles on both ears $ 95.00


Electronic Claiming is available on selected Health Funds.
Allowing the patient to pay the gap amount only.
(see list in Health Funds)

Receipts are issued to patients who have to send away for a rebate.


EFT Pos is available
Credit Cards - Mastercard and Visa are accepted

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