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Townsville Naturopathy

Townsville Naturopathy

Treatment plans are developed and adapted to each individual patient with an emphasis on treating the whole person, treating the cause...... not just the symptom. During a consultation we try to identify the reason of why you are feeling like you do, we do this in various ways:

  • First we find out a little about you and what you are experiencing now
  • Look at your diet and how and what you are eating.
  • Perform an allergy test on about 200 different substances/foods and identify the ones that      are specifically irritating you.
  • Discuss foods that suit you and act like a medicine and foods that can make you feel lousy.
  • Put together a diet structure that should help you feel better.

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    HCG Diet Townsville Weight Loss News Flash

    THE NEW APPRACH TO WEIGHT LOSS HCG Diet (human chorionic gonadotropin)

    By now you've probably heard about the HCG Diet (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is the hormone women make when they are pregnant. 

    HCG is fairly new to Australia, but has been widely used by the Famous Movie Stars, A-listers like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey. Read More about the HCG Diet in Townsville>>

    Townsville Weight Loss

    Townsville Weight Loss

    Quick overview on how the BACK TO BASICS Program works.

    The BACK TO BASICS Program is an amazing program that will enable you to shed those unwanted kilos and understand how certain foods are not working for you and your digestive system. This will be one program you will never regret.

    Why Back To Basics?
  • Understand Portion Control
  • Enjoy eating normal everday foods like fruit, vegetables, salad and meat items.
  • No Special Foods or Meal Replacements - (they do not work forever)
  • Learn new meal plans from the Back To Basics Receipe Book

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    Townsville Homoeopathy

    Townsville Homoeopathy

    Homoeopathy is one of the most prescribed forms of natural medicine in the world today. In some European countries homoeopathy is prescribed by 75% of all doctors.

    The reason for this is the efficacy and tolerability of these remedies have been witnessed in millions of patients. Extensive research and clinical trials in recent times have further enhanced the acceptance of homoeopathy.

    Homoeopathy works by stimulating the body's own healing processes in order to cure illnesses. It is based upon the principle that a substance in small doses may alleviate symptoms similar to those it causes at higher doses. The phrase "like cures like" is often used to describe this principle behind homoeopathy.

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  • Naturopathy
  • Homoeopathy
  • Weight Loss and Management
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Allergy Testing
  • Ear Candeling
  • Biomesotherapy
  • Visceral Therapy
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Feeling Tired and Run Down
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Skin Allergies and Conditions
  • Male, Female & Children Problems
  • Vitamin and Minerals
  • Herbal Tonic
  • Homoeopathic Remedies
  • Bush Flower Remedies
  • Ear Candles 

  • Identify the real causes of your problems, and let us help you feel better…
    not just to relieve the symptoms…
    but to remove the actual reason you are experiencing discomfort.
    Let our team help you get on track to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
    Know precisely what you should be eating…
    to achieve peak performance everyday.
    We identify what's going on inside…and put you on the path to recovery.

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