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Natural Therapies Vs Orthodox

Orthodox medicine tends to treat the symptoms as being the problem. An example is "essential hypertension" or high blood pressure.

This means that the cause of the problem is unknown to the doctor. The naturopath, however, knows that certain dietary deficiencies and lifestyle habits may be the real cause of the problem. In simple cases, correction of these causes often relieves the hypertension. The alternative, going on drugs to treat the symptoms, may only ensure that the problem continues and that the patient remains on medication for the remainder of his or her life.

A balanced whole food diet and adequate rest and exercise, as well as a sense of purpose and meaning in life, are the fundamental building blocks of optimal health. The naturopath is trained to educate you in healthy lifestyle choices.
This means that a naturopathic consultation is usually much more in depth than a visit to the doctor.

A diagnosis needs to be made for you as a whole, not just for the isolated symptom pattern, say the dermatitis on the skin that bothers you. The consultation will cover not only all the body's organ systems, your lifestyle, diet and habits, but also an in depth profile of your emotional health.

Iridology will also reveal the interconnections between the organs and tissues and the areas of weakness. As an example, skin problems are often a reflection of the emotional state and may be triggered by emotional trauma or grief. The dermatitis or eczema is often the way the body relieves the stress.
This takes the stress off deeper, more fundamental organs, such as the nervous system, heart, liver and kidneys. Just treating the dermatitis with a cream, as the doctor usually will, is simply putting the lid back on the pressure cooker. The pressure is then back on the internal organs and it may increase the mental distress.

If the itch is on the skin, that may seem a problem, but at least you can scratch it. But if the "itch" is in the mind where you can no longer scratch it, that's more serious. The doctor's response would typically be to prescribe an antidepressant at that point.

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