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Naturopathy Explained

The word "naturopathy" is an umbrella term used to describe a therapist trained in the mainstream areas of western natural medicine, also known as alternative medicine, or natural therapies as they are usually called in Australia.

These include nutrition (which includes diet and lifestyle modification and vitamin and mineral therapy), herbal medicine and homeopathy. Iridology is often used as a diagnostic aid. Physical therapies may also be employed, including therapeutic massage and remedial massage.
A naturopath may be eclectic, using a mixture of these therapies, or specialise in one or more. First and foremost, the naturopath respects the healing power of nature and the wisdom of the body.

To the naturopath, there is only one healing force in existence and that is nature herself. As the philosopher Francis Bacon said, "The only way to control nature is to obey her." This means that the living organism has an inherent intelligence that strives at all times to maintain harmony, to overcome disease and to restore health, given the right opportunity. Any therapy that attempts to assist this healing force must work with nature, not against her. In essence, this is what naturopathy is and how it works.

The symptoms expressed by an individual in a state of ill health are produced by the body in an attempt to heal.

The naturopath's first task is to identify any factors in the patient's diet, lifestyle or environment that may be contributing to the problem and to assist in removing them. If any therapy is given it should aid what the body is trying to do, so it is able to break through to a better state of health.

The naturopathic approach aims where possible not just to remove the symptoms but also to remove the reason for the symptoms. copyright Micheal Blanch

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