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I honestly believe there is a little devil inside of everyone. You know that little devil that sits perched on the shoulder trying to convince you to stray, to have a little nibble, a small bite and in the end, maby devour an entire cake. (Yep I have one of those nasty little devils too and I can see you are shaking your head in agreement.) Most of the time I am able to silence this liffle fellow! But sometimes, when I am most vulnerable, or really tired, the devil wins and I am left feeling guilty, gluttonous and shamefaced.

It does not have to be this way! You can take control. The following tips will help you overcome those moments of weakness.


Rule one of any weight loss plan should be to remove temptation. Just get it all our of the house! Find a rubbish bag, and if it is high in sugar, salt or staurated fat then dump it. When temptation strikes, the extra effort of walking down to the shops may be enough to persuade you otherwise. Stock your cupboard with nutritious snacks, so there is always a healthy option on hand.


Cravings take place for so many reasons. You can probably identify your own triggers, be it a stressful day, a fight with your partner or a few less hours of sleep. It is important to have healthy snacks that will overcome the cravings on hand. Trying to ignore a craving or eat around a craving will often lead to double the number of calories being consumed. The Back To Basic Program eliminates the bodys need to crave food and makes you feel fuller longer.


If there were one solution to emotional eating, it would be exercise. Exercise reduces emotional eating in two ways. First, it will get you out of the kitchen and distracts you from the mindless eating you where about to take part in. The second is it increases endorphins (or what I like to call happy dorpins). Endorphines are the feel good hormone, which produce anagesia and a feeling of general well being. A lot of reward for a litte jog.

If you need help you can contact my trainer Sam Steadman from Outer Limits if you want to have a go stepping out side your comfort zone.


A common reason people emotionally eat, is because they don't feel supported. While family and friends are accessible at certain hours, food is available all the time. Focus on improving your relationships to improve your mood and reduce your stress. Instead of texting a friend, give them a call or schedule in lunch with mum once a week. This human contact may be what you are after.

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