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By now you've probably heard about the HCG Diet (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is the hormone women make when they are pregnant.

HCG is fairly new to Australia, but has been widely used by the Famous Movie Stars, A-listers like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey. America has been using this system for quick weight loss for some years now. Robynn Morro's Alternative Health Specialist have been using the HCG program since 2012.

The Program involves the Homeopathic formula of HCG to be taken daily in drop form along with a strict 500-calorie diet per day. The homeopathic drops assist in the fat burning phase and you are not hungry on the program due to the HCG formula.

This diet is associated with dramatic weight loss of up to a pound / 500 grams a day. (Individual results may occur)

The HCG Diet is not for the faint hearted and there are some odd rules to follow:
For example, you are required the consumption of only one vegetable per meal, two pieces of fruit in the day, protein for lunch and main meals, prohibited the use of oil, body lotions.

Whilst on the HCG Diet you are able to exercise. Low impact is required only like walking, jogging, light weights and cardio. It is advisable for no high impact sports during the program as it will work against you rather than with you and you will feel light headed.


  • HCG reduces feelings of hunger. This allows you to eat very little; because with the presence of HCG in the bloodstream it takes the appetite away. It stops the craving for sweets and food rich in glucose or sugar.
  • HCG is a pro-hormone which helps the body make more hormones. Since hormone deficiency or imbalance is usually part of the reason for weight gain, whether it's your thyroid, or menopause (or andropause), this hormone offers help.
  • HCG keeps you for losing muscle while you diet. By elevating hormone levels in the body, including testosterone, the HCG hormone creates an anabolic state (muscle-building) which counteracts the catabolic state (muscle-breakdown). This is important so there is no muscle loss.


    This will depend on how much weight you would like to lose. When the HCG diet program is properly followed, the result is rapid weight loss and improved body shape as the body rids itself of excess stored fat.

    Most people will choose the 21 day option; you can sit between 15 to 43 days. The program is best started the first day after your period ends.

    In Australia you can only purchase HCG from registered Practitioners. Please be aware that if you purchase any HCG products from America that you will have them confiscated by Customs. In Australia we have tight regulations and the formula we use here has been tested in accordance Australia regulations.

    Health Fund Rebates may apply when completing this program.


    The clinic offers other weight loss programs to assist you on your journey to losing weight. The BACK TO BASICS PROGRAM is popular as you use normal every day foods and work on the ketogenic fat burning system. THE BLOOD GROUP DIET works on the type blood group you are A, B, O, AB. Including or excluding certain foods into your diet for a healthier you.

    If you are not sure which type program suits you best contact the Townsville Weight Loss Clinic for a free no obligation information consultation.

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